Twitter’s Project Lightening

Every new tool invention gives the company a new path to make the best of the twitter users (Both logged-in and logged-out). It instantly enables to load media-rich videos and images, will take up a front-and-center place in a future edition of the Twitter app.
Project lightening will carry event-based curated material to the Twitter system, finish with immersive and instant load pictures and videos and the capability to include those encounters across the Web — and even in other applications.

 Kevin Weil says,

“It’s a brand-new way to look at tweets,”

“This is a bold change, not evolutionary.”

It is also still a few several weeks out, and factors could be modified. But here’s how it will continue to perform.
Twitter Project Lightening

With Twitter’s cellular app, there will be a new key in the middle of the house row. Make it press and you’ll be taken to a display that will display different activities going on that individuals are tweeting about. These could be depending on prescheduled activities like the Grammys, or the NBA Finals. But they might also concentrate on splitting information and continuing activities, like the Nepal’s earthquake or Ferguson. Basically, if it’s a meeting that a lot of individuals are tweeting about, Tweets could make an encounter around it.

Weil explains, “It’s around anything that’s interesting”. “It could be current events. It could be breaking news. It could be awarded shows or sports. But also cultural events and moments – things around your location and where you are. There’s amazing content, for example, posted to Throwback Thursday every single Thursday. But it’s hard to discover it; you have to work as a user to go and find the best stuff, but we can do it easily and can package it richly.”

Release one of these activities and you’ll see a creatively motivated, curated selection of twitter posts. A group of publishers, operating under Katie Jacobs Stanton, who operates Twitter’s international media functions, will choose what it believes are the best and most appropriate twitter posts and program them into a selection.

These selections are developed to take benefits of images and video clips associated with a particular occasion, and to bring them to life. None of that media are provided in the conventional Tweets schedule: each twitter update, image, or video clip will take up the whole display of your phone. You’ll perspective them one at a time by using. Significantly, selections will consist of — and thus enhance — not only images and video clip clips published to Tweets but vines and Periscope video clips as well.