Who is SmallArc?

Our firm was established back in 2000 by a group of consultants with a strong focus on delivering quality services to our clients from the perspective of those who worked in the field. Because of the huge amount of industry experience behind us, we knew that we could provide our clients with a no gimmicks, truly valuable set of solutions that exactly matched all of their IT needs.

In today’s digital world, we’re surrounded by information at all times. The purpose of SmallArc is to provide a cohesive set of information management solutions that organize, optimize and present information in an efficient and informative way.

SmallArc is a premier consulting firm specializing in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Data Integration. We provide end-to-end services from Data Architecture, Implementation, Project Management, Long Term Support, and Training.

We provide you with a competitive advantage which is derived from our extensive team of business intelligence experts. We recruit and employ only the best and brightest to ensure the highest level of knowledge and competence. We provide you with the most innovative, reliable, and consistent results on every project — no matter the scope or scale. We have earned a solid reputation for client success due to our unique ability to deliver business intelligence solutions on time, and under budget.

The SmallArc Difference

While the scope of our involvement may vary – ranging from a single consultant augmenting your existing staff, to an entire project team for a full lifecycle data warehouse – our single-minded commitment to helping your company successfully plan, develop, and implement data warehouses remains our primary focus.

SmallArc will propose a delivery approach that is most appropriate for you, following a thorough analysis of a host of factors including the nature of the assignment, your key business drivers, and the overall cost-benefit advantages. This could be purely onsite, offsite or offshore or a combination best-of-breed model. We at SmallArc believe that Quality is a culture and take great pains to make it the central guiding philosophy behind everything we do for you. The impeccable customer retention record we have enjoyed over the years is the result of our commitment to Quality.

Our Experience Drives Your Success

  • Our entire business team has an engineering background, we fully understand the challenges of both a hiring manager and a software developer.
  • We have the background to better understand your exact technical needs, we know the difference between “overloading” and “overriding”.
  • Our internal full cycle project team is always available as a resource to our onsite consultants.
  • We have a fully equipped software development facility available to all our consultants.
  • We strongly encourage on-going training for all our consultants. Consultants are given a choice of training tracks that cover emerging technologies