Data Integration

We will assist you in moving toward enterprise “real time” responsiveness in today’s reduced investment environment. We can begin implementation of the environment required for collecting, modeling and transforming data. This includes data from line-of-business systems as well as from outside sources. This data can be integrated for management information, customer relationship management, straight-through information, statutory reporting or creating information products to sell to customers.

Our consultants will provide

  • Development of information architecture
  • Development and implementation of data integration strategy and architecture
  • The creation of Enterprise Data Models and Divisional and Functional Data Models for business applications systems development projects
  • Data and Technical Architecture development to integrate data for ERP and major Software Package implementation
  • Evaluate, recommend, design and implement databases for:
  • Collecting data from many different sources
  • Storing large data warehouses
  • High performance read only use (data marts)
  • Evaluate, recommend, design and implement extract, transform and load (ETL) middleware for use in:
  • Moving data between databases
  • Evaluate and recommend databases for transactional, batch and query usage
  • Evaluate and recommend standards for the creation and storage of metadata