What SmallArc will do to enhance your business

In order for a business to grow and thrive in today’s digital marketplace, it must have absolute control over its information and IT management systems.

At SmallArc, we specialize in providing you with unmatched knowledge, experience and a personalized approach to your particular needs. It is our job and our goal to give you every possible advantage. SmallArc’s core competency is data warehouse and business intelligence integration, where we have a significant record of success in mission-critical projects. Our consultants possess extensive knowledge of data warehouse technologies and tool selection methodologies. They employee a proven, flexible, repeatable development methodology geared to the unique problems inherent in reporting and data architectures. Our technical skill base includes all the technologies and techniques necessary for successful warehouse implementation. From business requirements and project management to targeted technical skills, SmallArc provides all the services necessary to create and realize a warehousing vision.

Features & Services

We at SmallArc believe that Quality is a culture and take great pains to make it our way of life.

Staff Augmentation

When it comes to IT, especially for larger companies, the complexity and costs involved can represent a significant strain on available resources. SmallArc can augment your existing information technology staff to provide patches for the skill gaps in your team. Additionally, we can provide expert-level and mentorship. With SmallArc’s consultants, you have the ability to quickly and affordably ramp up or down the size of your team any time it’s required.

Offshore Implementation

SmallArc can provide you with a low cost development option. Our proven methodology has been adapted to address the unique issues inherent in offshore development projects. Our offshore development techniques put added emphasis on typical offshore sticking points such as: user requirements interpretation, code integration, project management and testing. With SmallArc’s offshore option, you can benefit from high-end development services at a significant Cost Savings while at the same time, taking full advantage of our proven SmallArc design and project management abilities.

The Direct Benefits of Working with SmallArc

  • Implementation success associated with using a team of experienced experts
  • Ability to rapidly complete new projects without increasing internal headcount
  • Predictable costs
  • Unbeatable experience gained from decades in the field

Technical System Audits

Even the best designed reporting architecture can get bogged down by growth and increased use. SmallArc’s technical system audit will provide you with top warehousing infrastructure. Our analysts follow our proprietary and proven methodology to review technical architectures, searching for performance bottlenecks and recommending improvements. SmallArc’s audit can not only rejuvenate your existing systems but potentially save you millions in new hardware.

End User Training

Experience has clearly demonstrated that the best way to train a business intelligence user is on the actual system they’ll see at work. SmallArc’s training approach entails customizing our existing library of training materials to incorporate our customer’s applications, and then delivering the training in hands-on mode at the location where that application is accessible. Our trainers are consultants who are experienced with your application and technology, thereby ensuring that they can address all questions that arise. Our approach provides your staff with the most effective training which both increases knowledge retention and minimizes costs.

Project Implementation

We help your managers and IT staff understand why and how to build a warehouse or mart. We then provide the teams necessary to gather detailed requirements, design the architectures, and construct and tune the systems. For accuracy and longevity.

Business Process Audits

SmallArc’s business process audit service provides a way to earn high returns on investments that might otherwise be written off. We do this by reorganizing current business processes as well as increasing the level of understanding of the processes for the users. This increases system use, as well as increasing ROI on otherwise valueless investments.

Technology Selection

SmallArc provides tool selection and implementation services to help clients manage the complexity of query, reporting and analysis tools. Over the past 15+ years, we have worked extensively with the leading business intelligence, OLAP, data storage and ETL tools. Our consultants will apply that experience when called upon to help you select and implement warehousing technologies.

Business Intelligence Tool Migration

Given the dynamic nature of the BI marketplace, the tool you selected yesterday may not fit your needs today. For many companies, though, the existing investment in metadata and reports prevents them from moving to newer technologies. SmallArc’s BI tool migration services combine strict methodologies with the reduced costs of offshore development teams to port BI systems to new technologies in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Production Support

With its multiple data feeds and transformations, maintenance of a data warehouse is a complex task. To master your support needs, SmallArc provides skilled resources for long term maintenance and support of data warehouses and business intelligence systems. We provide long-term solutions with long-term access to our specialists and specialties.

Post – Merger Integration

It can take months or years to integrate ERP systems after two companies merge. However, with the proper design, a data warehouse can rapidly integrate key data from the companies, providing managers with accurate, actionable, detailed, consolidated reporting within weeks, not years. SmallArc’s merger-integration methodology makes optimum use of our proprietary approach to designing for merger and then for rapid post-merger integration. Our approach delivers a rapid delivery of actionable management reports after a merger coupled with heightened visibility of data warehousing and business intelligence as a key management tool