Tips to Develop a Strong Visual Brand on Social Media

The world of marketing is becoming visual day by day. All the major social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram all focus on the visual content.

So the intelligent marketers are adapting the advantage of visual social media atmosphere. To give your clients a refined result oriented output, one must use a strong social media branding strategy.

Basically the visual social branding refers to what is the brief look of your social media content– which mainly consist your profile picture, your cover photo and your posts. Attractive visuals are important because human brain respond much faster to images than words. In addition, the visual content increase social engagement, according to a study images on Facebook comprises 92% most engaging post as compared with other status updates and links.

There are main key ingredients for social media success, enduring colors, images, fonts & layout.


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Enduring Colors:If we check the colors of a well reputed brand, they use same colors again and again. For their logo, images and text they use same colors. This will help visitors to become familiar with your brand.

Fonts According to Your Brand’s Personality: In order to make a strong identity of your brand, unlike colors fonts should also match the personality of your brand. One should mainly use the three types of fonts, “Title”, “Subtitle” and the “body”.

Title or heading font must be the larger in the whole design. You can use the script or handwritten font that makes your subtitle and body font easy to read.

Appropriate Images: Image which you will use should have consistent theme, with respect to your work area e.g: canvas free design platforms look great for stock photography. Another important aspect is brand filters, they add consistency to the brand visibility.

An effective way to create a strong social media layout is to create templates. Every social media platform has a different image dimensions. So make sure you are aware of these dimensions and keep your branding: logo, colors and fonts consistent across the design.

The social media branding race is on, and only the visual voice of your brand helps you to raise up. So jump in and get started. Stay connected to “Smallarc” blogs and update yourself with essential trends and technologies of the development world.