Need to Avoid Mistakes During Mobile Marketing

Marketing is a vast field, there a number of branches in this field. Mobile marketing is becoming popular day by day because of the need of customers and business demands. As we know that people are now more on social media and phones to interact with various base pillars of life either it is social engagement or shopping. If you are an entrepreneur, you need to take care about all the trends and demands in the market. There are a few mistakes need to avoid during mobile marketing:

Don’t Be Creepy: There are a number of ways to get people to engage in your business. You don’t need to be creepy for that. There is a particular level for everything, so make sure that customer will not feel discomfort. You can send personalized messages for better engagement, but not on a daily basis. Promotional message using a customer’s first name is like a push notification for them. You can balance the engagement level by using A/B testing.


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Don’t Keep Calling: Like other modes of marketing, customers can tell you that when and where they need the products or other stuff. So you must not call them too often. Don’t send them too many notifications specially when there is reciprocation. So the marketers have to analyze how many push notifications are enough.

Consider The Hours: What will you think if you get a midnight message online match. Timing matters a lot in mobile marketing. If you disrupt a consumer during their sleep hours. It shows that you don’t value their schedule, so you don’t ever make your customers feel like this.

Adapt New Thing: You cannot make assumptions that what will drive positive changes in your business. For that you have to try new things like picking up a line that will make a strong impact on the customers. So it is necessary to optimize your interface, try different content, fonts, colors, etc.

Mobile marketing requires respecting and understanding your user while putting on your best face for them.