Key Components for A Successful Business Intelligence User Adoption

With the time, business intelligence is booming. Business owners spend billions for business intelligence services or software. Analyst have predicted that this number will increase by 2018.

It goes hand in hand with the data growth. It is estimated that the data around the world is doubling every year.

Why are we seeing such large growth:

With this much growth in data, the use of Business Intelligence services has been increased. These services help to make sense of all business data and turn it into a competitive advantage.

Now businesses are investing more in BI solutions. Yet, people are not still aware with the right direction. What is the right solution? How can one improve BI adoption? Here are a few tips to improve BI adoption:



Start Small: Other reason user doesn’t adopt BI services: they get overwhelmed, and not able to understand to what process chooses first. For many of companies the process is like:

1. User learns a lot or may not know anything

2. They sit through training classes which give a broad overview of BI services. So start with small.

Focus On Data: The point above applies to data as well. So many businesses make this mistake of giving too much data access to the users. You should keep it simple, give only limited data access.

Focus on Training: When you show users how to use Business Intelligence services over their own data, to solve problems. It becomes real. Rather than focusing on training classes, focus on the broad overview, make it real.

Fit Business Intelligence in the Current Routine: Never underestimate the role daily routines play in user adoption. Most of the BI tools add one more step to the user’s daily routine. To use the tool user must open a separate application.

So these are the ways to improve user adoption, there are plenty of more. Stay Connected for the more informative posts.