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The ImmiTrax portal is for employees, employer and lawyers. This portal will provide services mix of HR (Human resource) and immigration services. It provides a robust reminder system which can be customized as well as the auto immigration forms fill up to remove the mistakes happening durion information collection which tend to be a manual process. This portal will keep track of immigration status, progress and their documents, verifying the employee status at the time of hiring, and helping lawyers with automatic filling of immigration forms to avoid misinterpretations of names and other crucial information of the employees. Portal will also be useful to help employers to create reports for their internal purpose and as well as for USCIS to help them in replying any of the queries. This application will provide a complete solution with integration of human resource with immigration matters keeping a complete transparency between employee, employers and the legal department. This application is for US only.


Fleet No. 1

FleetNo1 is a portal for taxi operators anywhere in the world. This is a replacement of a common existing local taxi stand which is at segregated placed or locations. All people do not have instant access to taxi stands and have no system in place to book a taxi either by already knowing number or contacting the yellow phone book or some local neighboring contacts. In a normal system a person has to call at least five to six taxis before finally finding one which is available and with the rate expected moreover it is not confirmed unless it arrive. Passenger is not sure about the price he got if it’s the best deal in the market. He is also not sure of how fast the taxi can reach this location if it is an emergency. In the case of good or bad service of the taxi, there is no way he can compliment or apprehend the service through different comments. Most importantly, the current system compromises the security for both, the taxi operator (ex. If passenger hijacks taxi or the passenger is victim of burglary, theft, bad behavior from driver, or in extreme cases rape or murder).


CabbieList is the directory service for the Taxi operators. This is free service helping people to search Taxi service close to their location. This service will help to identify the users about the distance of the company, not taxi from their location. The location of the passenger can be automatically detected and the Taxi company locations can be located accordingly. Some of the premium listings can be paid, but it is not necessary to pay anything to be on the CabbieList. The contact information of the Taxi company can be received bit Text or e-mail OR it can be asked to Taxi company to give call to the passenger. All the Taxi companies can have their company information and list of Cabs. Passenger has freedom to provide the feedback and allocate the stars for the service of the Cab company and this ranking is totally unbiased and unpartial with reference to the passenger.